Healing from the Trauma of Oppression

Healing from the trauma of oppression is necessary to ensure our survival and well-being. In spite of the need, in the world of mental health, injustices are rarely acknowledged and if they are, you rarely find answers as to what to do about it. Often, the message is when you struggle to deal with injustice, [...]

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Self-Care During Social Isolation

We are living through a challenging time. The changes have been unprecedented and leave us isolated and feeling uncertain. As a mental health care professional I think it is important to acknowledge that this is a source of stress at best and at worst traumatizing. These times require us to focus on self-care during [...]

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Why the name Common Violet Therapy?

The name Common Violet Therapy was created to refer to my desire to develop an organization based on the value of recognizing the contribution of each individual as unique and containing inherent value that can be shared with the collective. The common violet as a little jewel of a plant that is rare and [...]

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