Neurodivergence, Privilege and the Challenge of Being Authentic

The challenge of being authentic for someone who is neurodivergent is that privilege often gets in the way.  There exists a whole spectrum of innate personality characteristics.  Layered on that, we have culture, which sets the norms for what behavior is acceptable and what is not.  To some extent, we must adapt our behavior to function [...]

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Loneliness during social isolation and beyond

Loneliness is universal, especially now with social isolation.  If we don’t learn anything else from this time, I hope we learn it now.  The truth is, I think we have always been lonely.  We just had a million-and-one ways to distract ourselves from it.   Trauma-Related Loneliness Do you ever wonder why people can be lonely [...]

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The Day Compassion Died?

Today I read a post from George W. Bush pleading the need for compassion during the Covid crisis. I was surprised to see it coming from him. During his presidency he neglected to send aid to New Orleans for five days following massive flooding caused by hurricane Katrina. At the time, I thought his [...]

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